The “Bergamo Chez Toi” Bed & Breakfast is a handsome villa provided with a carefully appointed portico located in a residential neighborhood surrounded by a garden that guarantees serenity, privacy and relaxation.

The Villa offers spacious rooms of all type (suites - double - single), for the satisfaction of singles, couples and families.

Guests may also enjoy the advantages of a spacious community room and an inviting breakfast nook accessible from the portico and the garden.

Roofed and unroofed parking for vehicles of all kinds is available on the Villa’s grounds.

The breakfast nook is equipped with a refrigerator, a microwave oven, a hot water boiler and an espresso coffee machine.

Here, and in the adjoining community room, guests can relax in peace and quiet during the day, make themselves a cup of herbal tea or enjoy the hot tea and coffee we provide.

Guests can also heat up and consume the pre-cooked delicacies they buy in town.

“Bergamo Chez Toi” offers the ideal solution for:

-         business trips;

-         vacations;

-         romantic get-aways.

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